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Important Information on OSEP Outcomes and AEPS®

Appendix F
of the revised Administrative Guide
to use AEPS cutoff scores to determine or corroborate eligibility

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AEPS® Components:

The Complete AEPS®


Volume 1: AEPS® Administration Guide

Volume 2: AEPS® Test for Birth to Three Years and Three to Six Years

Volume 3: AEPS® Curriculum for Birth to Three Years

Volume 4: AEPS® Curriculum for Three to Six Years

Form Packages

Forms CD-ROM

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Developing an IEP for Sophie.

Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS®), Second Edition
Series edited by Diane Bricker, Ph.D.

"A comprehensive curriculum-embedded assessment system for every educator of infants and young children who longs for simple, straightforward and functional strategies." —Eva M. Horn, Department of Special Education, The University of Kansas

AEPS®Much more than just a measurement tool, the activity-based, field-tested AEPS® links assessment, intervention, and evaluation for children from birth to six years who have disabilities or are at risk for developmental delays. With this reorganized, extensively updated second edition, professionals can assess and monitor six key developmental areas in young children: fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, adaptive, social-communication, and social. AEPS® helps identify educational targets tailored for each child’s needs, formulate developmentally appropriate goals, conduct before and after evaluations to ensure interventions are working, and involve families in the whole process.

At a Glance

Age range covered: Birth to six years

Areas assessed: Fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, adaptive, social-communication, and social

Components: AEPS® Administration Guide, AEPS® Test for Birth to Three Years and Three to Six Years, AEPS® Curriculum for Birth to Three Years, AEPS® Curriculum for Three to Six Years; Child Observation Data Recording Form, Child Progress Record, Family Report

Who completes it: Interventionists, teachers, specialists, and caregivers

Validity and reliability: Ongoing research dating back to 1984 indicates that AEPS® is both reliable and valid. In studies, AEPS® helped professionals improve the quality of their written IEP/IFSP goals.

What's New in AEPS®

  • Refined clustering of test items for easier use and referencing

  • Expansions that address crucial aspects of development like emergent literacy

  • Tabbed dividers for each AEPS®‘ Test area

  • More recommendations for environmental arrangements and teaching methods

  • More field-tested activities and plans, some created by preschool teachers in the field

  • Step-by-step “Quick Start” guide

  • Updated information on psychometric properties and IEP/IFSP goals and objectives

  • Easy-to-use Child Observation Data Recording Form

  • Revised, more comprehensive Family Report
  • And now you can use AEPS® Test results as a corroborating second source for determining a child’s eligibility for services. This brings important advantages: early intervention and early childhood special education personnel have pointed out that AEPS® Test results expand the depth and breadth of developmental information and help professionals develop quality IFSP or IEP goals and objectives.

    AEPS® includes

    AEPSinteractive™ — automates AEPS’s scoring and reporting functions, enabling professionals to focus on children, not paperwork. This new, web-based electronic management system helps programs make the most of AEPS’s capabilities, allowing them to easily and accurately identify developmental delays and interventions; record and track a child’s progress over time; and generate critical child, family, and OSEP Child Outcomes reports.

    AEPS® Administration Guide — includes a “Quick Start” section that makes AEPS® easier for new users; instructions on collecting data and translating test results into IFSP/IEP goals and objectives; and guidelines for involving families, fostering team collaboration, and linking assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Appendices detail the psychometric properties of AEPS® and include photocopiable data recording forms.

    AEPS® Test for Birth to Three Years and Three to Six Years — allows professionals to gather assessment data for one child or a group of children in home- or center-based settings. Now combined into a single volume, the tests for both age levels are divided into six developmental areas, each subdivided into a progression of skills: strands of general skill areas, goals made up of skills in those areas, and objectives made up of smaller skills that build up to the goals. Professionals assess each area while children and their caregivers engage in everyday activities. With the data recording forms, professionals score each item with a 0 (does not pass), 1 (inconsistent performance), or 2 (passes consistently). To supplement these scores, professionals choose from 5 qualifying notes and use the blank space provided for more specific comments. This multi-part scoring process lets professionals pinpoint what children can do, identify areas that need attention, and use that information as a starting point to develop individualized IFSP/IEP goals and objectives. Caregivers add their own input with the Family Report.

    AEPS® Curriculum for Birth to Three Years and AEPS® Curriculum for Three to Six Years — allow professionals to match the child’s established IFSP/IEP goals and objectives with age-appropriate, activity-based interventions that correspond to the six areas scored on the AEPS® Test. Because the test and curricula use the same numbering system, users can easily locate activities in the curricula that correspond to specific goals and objectives identified with the test — a feature that also helps with ongoing evaluation. In both volumes, professionals get sample teaching tactics, instructional sequences, recommendations for environmental arrangements, and strategies for incorporating the activities into the child’s daily routine. To reflect the individual learning styles many children acquire by ages three to six, the Curriculum for Three to Six Years is more flexible — it provides general intervention considerations and suggested activities rather than specific instructional sequences.

    Brookes On Location logoProfessional development on this system is available through Brookes On Location!

    Ordering Information


    AEPSi™ is available as an annual subscription based on the number of child records. There is also a one-time set-up fee.

    • 1–100 children @ $19.95 per child record per year
    • 101–250 children @ $18.95 per child record per year
    • 251–500 children @ $16.95 per child record per year
    • 500+ children: call Brookes (1-866-386-2666 ext. 2)

    *Brookes discounts and/or special offers do not apply to this product.

    AEPS® Administration Guide
    Stock# 5621 / $65.00 / 2002 / 336 pages / 7 x 10 / spiral-bound / ISBN 1-55766-562-1

    Exam Copy

    AEPS® Test for Birth to Three Years and Three to Six Years
    Stock# 563X / $75.00 / 2002 / 304 pages / 7 x 10 / spiral-bound / ISBN 1-55766-563-X

    AEPS® Curriculum for Birth to Three Years
    Stock# 5648 / $65.00 / 2002 / 512 pages / 7 x 10 / spiral-bound / ISBN 1-55766-564-8

    AEPS® Curriculum for Three to Six Years
    Stock# 5656 / $65.00 / 2002 / 352 pages / 7 x 10 / spiral-bound / ISBN 1-55766-565-6

    SAVE $26.00!
    AEPS® Birth to Three set (Administration Guide, Test, Curriculum for Birth to Three Years)
    Stock# 6024 / $179.00

    SAVE $26.00!
    AEPS® Three to Six set (Administration Guide, Test, Curriculum for Three to Six Years)
    Stock# 6032 / $179.00

    SAVE $31.00!
    Complete AEPS®, Second Edition (Administration Guide, Test for Birth to Three Years and Three to Six Years, Curriculum for Birth to Three Years, Curriculum for Three to Six Years)
    Stock# 5613 / $239.00
    We do not offer examination copies of the measurement volumes, form packages, or the complete AEPS® system. We invite you to take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee. DETAILS

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